Peat (turf) has the perfect properties for any growing medium:

  • abundance of pore spaces for air and water;
  • lightweight;
  • relatively weed-free;
  • relatively disease-free;
  • easily obtained.

If plants need more nutrients or a higher pH, other substances can be mixed with the peat without losing the beneficial qualities.

Gardeners all over the world use peat moss as a soil amendment or an ingredient in potting soil in horticulture, as it is an important component of most potting soils and seed starting mediums. It has an acid pH, so it’s ideal for acid plants, such as blueberries or rhododendrons.

Peat holds several times its weight in moisture, and releases the moisture to the plant roots slowly over time. It also holds onto important nutrients so that they aren’t rinsed out of the soil when you water the plants.

Important to note that the nature of peat varies according to its original botanical components and its state of decomposition. For example, sphagnum peat will be light and spongy, whereas sedge peat will be characterized by mats of linear fibers.

The colour of peat commonly reflects its age and degree of decomposition. Younger peat is pale yellowish brown and the plant remains are still identifiable. Older peat is more decomposed, darker in colour.

Also, the degree of decomposition of turf is measured using the “Von Post” scale, where H2 refers to lightly decomposed spongy fibrous turf and H8 to a much more decomposed black turf.

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Our deep knowledge in hobby substrate production and its purpose is what allows us to offer you exceptional quality and wide range of substrates for professionals as well as for those who are only about to start the incredible journey of gardening.

All the raw materials used in our hobby substrates is harvested in peat bogs of the Baltics and contain white & black peat.

Here at Domoflor we offer hobby substrates for 4 different types of climate:

  • South Europe Climate
  • South Sunny Weather
  • South Temperate Climate
  • South Wet Climate


Professional Domoflor peat substrates is a result of more than 15 years of experience and profound knowledge in the new generation of professional plant growing processes. Our high technology production guarantees exceptional quality and wide range (14 different mixes!) of professional substrates, containing block & milled white peat and black peat, harvested in peat bogs of the Baltics.

We make our professional substrates by blending together components such as white and black peat, compost, wood fibre, fertilisers, etc. Mainly producing professional substrate for the use of commercial growers, we offer:

  • 4 types of substrate mix for pot crops;
  • 3 types of substrate mix for propagation sowing cutting;
  • 7 types of substrate mix for specific crops.

Pot crops need a specific blend peat, very precise ratio of fertilizer and correct pH. Our special Domoflor mix substrates for pot crops help your crops be fruitful, taste great, and, ideally, look great, too!

Our substrate mix for sowing and cutting offers high performance in water drainage, air capacity, developing of roots and healthy growing.

Experienced team, selection of high quality raw materials, high-tech equipment and know-how of modern horticulture and commercial agriculture lets us offer our clients the best quality of substrates for specific crops and their specific needs.


This is a natural bark, obtained from selected larch bark. It has no contraindications and can easily be used under any circumstances and for all type of plants.

Main advantages of using our decorative bark include:

  • it reduces the proliferation of weeds;
  • protects the plant against frost and excessive heat;
  • prevents the soil from evaporating during the summer;
  • maintains the soil naturally soft, eliminating the need for hoeing at the start and the end of the season.

Due to the exceptional quality, this product can perfectly serve as a decorative or wood bark element in hanging or enclosed gardens.