Larch Bark

Bark is a natural organic soil conditioner, made out of tree bark shredded into various size pieces for top dressing your beds.  It serves as a perfect layer of protection for plants against bad weather, conserves moisture, keeps dust from blowing around, covers up the beds with texture and color.

Our larch bark is best used like this:

  • Hoe the soil down to a depth of at least 10 cm;
  • Remove all weeds and their roots;
  • Spread the bark over the surface to be treaded with mulch, maintaining a uniform thickness of at least 6-7 cm

Product specification

  • PH 6-8,5
  • Humidity max. 50%
  • Organic carbon ©* d.s. min 40%
  • Organic nitrogen (N) d.s. min 85% of total nitrogen
  • Total copper (Cu) d.s. min 230**p.p.m
  • Total zinc (Zn) d.s. min 500**p.p.m
  • Sanity 4,7 *** meq./100g