Substrate Domoflor Mix 23

Domoflor Mix 23 is fertilized and based on coarse white block or milled peat. It also has an adjusted pH, added micronutrients and wetting agent for faster water absorbtion.

Best used for:

  • ornamental plants;
  • foliage plants in pots up to 18 cm.

Pot crops need a specific blend peat, very precise ratio of fertilizer and correct pH. Using our Domoflor Mix substrates for pot crops, your plants will be fruitful, will taste amazing, and, ideally, will look great, too!

Product specification

Fraction Packing Wetting agent Ph H2O NPK+Micro Use for
White peat 10-20 L 250/6000 fluid 5,5-6,5 1 g/L Ornamental plants, foliage plants
pots Up to cm 18
culture Transplanting, container
irrigation Any system