Substrate Domoflor Mix 3

Domoflor Mix 3 is a combination of black peat sieved to 5 mm. The ampelous plants perfectly grow in, as they require a moist soil, thus you will save money on watering and the plants will still obtain the optimal ratio of water and air in the roots.

Ideal for:

  • growing vegetables,
  • ornamental and fruit plants in pots and trays of small sizes.

Our professional peat substrates production is a result of more than 15 years of experience and profound know-how of the new generation of professional plant growing process. Sowing and cutting substrate mixes offer high performance in water drainage, air capacity, development of roots and healthy plant growing.

Product specification

Fraction Packing Wetting agent Ph H2O NPK+Micro Use for
peat 0-5
L 250/6000 fluid 5,5-6,5 0,05 g/L Vegetable young plants, tobacco
pots Up to cm 14
tray cm 7-10
culture Seedling, rooting
irrigation Any system